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Here's Remembering an Amazing 2016, and Looking to an Even Better 2017!

I had easily the best year yet for my photography. So many new people chose to use me for their pictures, I've grown in skill, creativity and just general knowledge. I loved every single second and honestly can't think of a single negative. And for that, I thank you all!

I'm not one for resolutions, they usually never last past the first week, maybe one month if lucky, so instead of a resolution, how about a promise. I promise to make 2017 even better!  (although I have a hard time believing it's possible, 2016 was just that great!)

Here's a look at the past year. A massive thank you again for everyone trusting in me with your pictures, your memories.

Powell River Photographer

Attempt #1 at Gracie's Cake Smash | Powell River Baby Photographer

I bought a backdrop, baked and iced the cake, made her a tutu, everything was perfect. If only she thought so too. Big fail on the cake smash. Really though, she got sick with the stomach bug just a few hours after this, so she probably felt like garbage the entire time, so I'm actually surprised she did as good as she did in these! I'll definitely be doing another one this weekend, lets hope they turn out happier then these!

In the end she kicked the cake and stomped in it in her last straw stomp away. I wish she would have been happier, but it's completely understandable now that I know how she was feeling! I know I can easily have a cake smash in my tiny studio, so that's a plus, and we're doing attempt 2 soon!

Baby R's 8 month + two little cousins | Powell River Baby Photographer

Baby R has been doing a grow with me session for her first year, here's the second milestone session we did! Next up is her 1 year, but lets not rush that just yet.
She has the most gorgeous eyes ever, and I just love taking her picture!

After we got some adorable pictures of just baby R, we had to get some of the two little girls together. I love that these two girls get to grow up together, with a cousin so close in age. Very special.   Plus, they're so fun to watch interact with each other! Gracie has no idea what she is, and just stares at her. Too cute!

I had to throw one of just Gracie in too. She was all dressed up, so why not.
Can you tell what way the wind is blowing?? Too funny!