Newborn Session Questionnaire

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Todays Date
Baby Due Date
Baby Due Date
Baby's Birth Date
Baby's Birth Date
For mama's who have not pre booked and baby is already born.
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Please list the names,gender,age (age required for children only) of all subjects that will be included in the photography session.
Please tell me of any certain color/color scheme that you would like me to try and include in your newborn session.
PLEASE NOTE: I provide all props,outfits,and headbands. If you would like to include something special like a blanket from great grandma or a stuffed animal, please include it below!
Style: *
What style best represents what you want your session to look like?
If you chose other for Style please explain!
Tell me a little about you! I love getting to know my clients so please feel free to tell me anything about yourself,like where you grew up,how many children you have etc!
Please share any comments,goals,or questions you may have!
How do you plan to display your purchased images?
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